Candia Residence


Chianciano Terme

The mineral water springs in the short stroll from St. Helena’s Chapel Church of St. Helena, which takes its name.

This water has important therapeutic effects clinically and scientifically proven: it is indicated in the treatment of diseases of the kidney and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Terme Sensoriali – Acqua Fucoli – Acqua Santa – Acqua Sillene

The various hot springs of Terme di Chianciano explicit their beneficial effects on the body through various methods of recruitment and use: Holy Water and Water Fucoli assume just flowing from sources in the form of pleasant parks secular drink for the welfare of liver and gastrointestinal tract, the Holy Water is used for inhalation, and insufflation aerosol for adults and children against diseases of upper respiratory tract Sillene and Water is the basis of the sludge in the thermal baths and cosmetics.

The Sensory Spa in the Park Spa Water St., factory based on the criteria of naturopathy, offering attractive thirty treatments to rebalance the energy field: from tropical showers Ayurveda, by ICE crash in the pools.

Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of a toning bath or a mud treatment is to reactivate completely rimediomigliore your circulation. Water Sillene is indicated because of it, thanks to its chemical and physical characteristics and a temperature of 38.5 ° C. The water treatments are performed by Sillene balneotherapy and mud baths (mud made from clay ripe for admixture in spa water and heated to a temperature of approx. 48 ° C)